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Everett's Fingers Update - December 2014

A bit about Everett's scars. I don't talk much about his syndactyly and recovery and scars anymore. I guess because it's all about the same thing each time... or maybe because I don't know that anyone cares?

Everett's scars are noticeable and his skin is tight where he had surgery and he doesn't have the best use of those fingers that were connected.
I was told to use Mederma as frequently as I possibly could and I've researched and read about how totally helpful it is to use Mederma or other scar creams but I'm having the most difficult time trying to do that! I feel like a wretched mother for not putting Mederma on him as often as I'd like :(

The thing is... he sucks his hands! How can I put that stuff on his fingers when he sucks on them?! I have talked with Allan about it often and how I have this trade off... do I put the Mederma on him and let him ingest it regularly or do I skip it but not have this wonderful scar treatment helping out his scarring?!?! Both are horrible options :/

Vitamin E oil was suggested to me by a mom I know online who has a son who had syndactyly surgery as well. Vitamin E oil is safer to consume if a baby does suck their hands and helps with scars a lot.
Another helpful thing is that winter has rolled around and that means that when I run errands Everett's bundled under a car seat cover. It used to be that on errands and in his car seat was one of the times he sucked on his fingers the most but now he doesn't at all! I keep the Mederma (and a bottle of vitamin E oil) in my diaper bag and massage one or the other into his scars before errands or during errands. It's been a great, unexpected bonus to winter weather!  photo 145eresized_zpsaef66d22.jpg
I took the above picture to remember the neat Mederma-on-errands trick I did this winter.

In the picture below you can see a bit of the webbing between his ring and middle finger on his left hand. He'll need surgery to separate that in the next 3-5 years. We don't know when, his doctor isn't in a hurry to do that surgery since it's so mild and doesn't affect the use of that hand.  photo 158eresized_zps08c2a632.jpg

In the next picture you can see that the fingers on his left hand aren't too curved and aren't very noticeably deformed but that the fingers on his right hand are very curved. He seems to be right handed but total hand strength in his left hand seems greater.
I guess that's it for Everett's fingers update!  photo 162eresized_zpsc09dc6e4.jpg

Everett's Follow Up Appointment for His Hands 9/24/14

Sierra helped me set the exposure by standing where I was going to take a picture.  photo 216eresized_zps902356ae.jpg

And then she took this picture! Thanks, Sierra!  photo 218eresized_zps65d9a99e.jpg

So we had quite the ordeal getting to Everett's appointment on time. It's a hassle getting four kids ready and then driving so far...

We did get there on time though! But when I was signing in the receptionist tells me my appointment was cancelled and that they called me the day before to let me know and left a message.
Problem was that was the week my phone was broken! I stood there having just spent an absolutely insane morning getting four kids ready and out the door and driving all that way and I was like... um, okay? I guess I'll go home then :/

But the receptionist said, wait what is your appointment? A follow up? That takes like five or ten minutes, we can squeeze you in! So she goes back and asks which doctor/PA is available with the easiest gap in their schedule to squeeze me in and I get this guy named Eric. I can't remember his last name or title because everyone just called him Eric and he introduced himself as Eric! haha

Anyway, Eric was wonderful and so great with us and didn't treat us like a squeezed in appointment at all. It really, truly was a super quick follow up, they just needed to see that Everett's wounds were completely healed and tell me about follow up care. Mederma at least twice a day, massage the cream in as much as possible because the massage helps loosen up his scars which is just as important as the cream used to fade and flatten them. Eric also wanted to check out the curves in Everett's fingers. We talked a bit about how they are pretty curved and right now it's an obvious deformity and at this point there's no way we can know exactly how curved his fingers will stay. They don't want to do pins or anything else... it's just wait and see at this point. So Everett might just have one pretty curved ring finger (on his right hand) or maybe even both his ring fingers will stay looking pretty curved or maybe as he grows they'll straighten out enough to hardly tell they're curved! I'm obviously hoping for the second option but I can't imagine his fingers will just grow straight. His right hand ring finger especially is so curved.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that I really wanted to see Everett's surgeon, Dr. Laurel Benson but she'd been in a bad car accident a few weeks after Everett had his surgery back in July and has been out of work ever since! She isn't expected back to work this year at all! I was so worried about her when I heard that. I really love her and hope she has a full recovery. I'm still so sad for her :(  photo 225eresized_zps9013b92f.jpg  photo 233bwresized_zpsb71405e7.jpg photo 235bwresized_zps71dd34b4.jpg

Breastfeeding before the long drive home.  photo 242bwresized_zps6dce03a4.jpg

That'd Be My Baby Eating Puffs! 3 Weeks After Casts Came Off (8/31/14)

 photo 030eresized_zps927c5915.jpg  photo 054eresized_zps86844b48.jpg  photo 057eresized_zpsfef1c474.jpg  photo 062eresized_zpsdedf6c48.jpg  photo 061eresized_zps96500968.jpg  photo 092eresized_zpsb1d08b30.jpg  photo 105eresized_zpsc8640582.jpg  photo 111eresized_zpsff80aa67.jpg  photo 122eresized_zps7c6a7bfa.jpg  photo 125eresized_zps999749e8.jpg  photo 126eresized_zpsb6f7093a.jpg

Always snapping shots of his fingers. photo 168eresized_zps5e735572.jpg  photo 174eresized_zps4c55790c.jpg  photo 193eresized_zps8f4c731c.jpg  photo 196eresized_zps0b679c2c.jpg  photo 198eresized_zps704b10d7.jpg  photo 200eresized_zpsc70753ec.jpg

Ember came in to join him.  photo 216eresized_zpse249c120.jpg

Everett's Fingers - 4 Days After His Casts Came Off (4/12/14)

 photo 018eresized_zps6ecf8432.jpg  photo 039eresized_zpsae628f5a.jpg

They're healing really well! Darn near perfectly healing, honestly.  photo 042eresized_zpsa2c2b889.jpg photo 047eresized_zpsdb5a7053.jpg

As the healing moves along the focus starts to fall more on the shape of his fingers rather than his scabs. I can clearly see how curved his right ring finger is. It worries me for his future... a dozen questions about what his hands will look like and work like go through my head. But all I can use for information is time... it's a waiting game to see how those fingers will grow and develop and turn out.  photo 054eresized_zps936e74d0.jpg

I'm really happy at this point with how smooth and nicely colored his scars are!  photo 060eresized_zps61211e44.jpg

Above all else I'm so happy with how quickly Everett got back his use of his fingers. Within 24 hours he was back to grabbing and picking up and playing with his baby toys. I was worried it'd be a slower process to regain the use of his hands but nope... besides the scars and curves in his fingers you'd never guess he had surgery!  photo 067eresized_zps202551fd.jpg  photo 070eresized_zpsee48a014.jpg

Everett's Hands Update - 2 Days After Casts Come Off (April 10, 2014)

 photo 101eresized_zpscaa56319.jpg  photo 111eresized_zpse5e2983b.jpg  photo 120eresized_zpsbb5389d3.jpg  photo 130eresized_zps69ade8d1.jpg  photo 134eresized_zps38543dc5.jpg  photo 137eresized_zps80a74334.jpg  photo 142eresized_zpsdba83b88.jpg

Three Baths Per Day!

I'm supposed to soak Everett's fingers as much as possible. Which means I have one very clean baby on my hands :)  photo 006bwresized_zpsccd50d11.jpg  photo 008bw2resized_zps519b441c.jpg  photo 021bwresized_zps99290148.jpg

Ease the Chaos with a Picnic!

It has been a crazy week! A crazy month! A crazy YEAR! My gosh just one thing after another.

Everett's surgery and casts wearing experience was pretty intense... today with Allan still in Nevada life feels heavy and difficult and so we go through McDonald's drive thru and pick the healthiest choices from the list of bad choices and we go to our very favorite grassy spot and have a wonderful picnic together. It is peaceful and happy and just what we all needed. Everett is thrilled with life when he's outdoors so he sits happily watching the cars go by, watching his siblings goof around... just a happy, happy afternoon!   photo 147bwresized_zps874aa96f.jpg
No exaggeration, Everett would be content being outside all day every day :)  photo 205eresized_zps754e439f.jpg

As long as I'm there. He sure loves me ♥  photo 206eresized_zps63f8b9aa.jpg  photo 213eresized_zps95f47a8a.jpg  photo 222eresized_zps48ce0844.jpg

How are those fingers doing today?  photo 234eresized_zps0d9b16eb.jpg

Thanks for the picture, Brooke!  photo 241eresized_zps216131dc.jpg

There's this awesome hill there that the kids race down.     photo 255eresized_zps7e481cf6.jpg